Keeping Your Child Safe in a Digital World

Common Sense Media Resources

Please click on the links below to explore each topic.   You will find many informative articles that offer advice to parents about how to keep your child safe in today's ever growing world of technology.  Some of the resources include videos to view, parent tip sheets, and discussion guides to view and/or print.  These resources are a great way to open the lines of communication and get parents and their children talking about safety in a digital world.  These resources are also available in Spanish, just look for the link under "Related Resources" located on the right side of the page.

Parent Resources

Cyberbullying and Online Relationships

Internet Safety

Online Privacy and Security

Cell Phones and Digital Communication

Social Networking and Community

Gaming and Online Worlds

Online Research and Learning

Digital Creation, Plagiarism, and Piracy

Family Media Management

Media’s Influence on Kids

Violence in Media

Your child's safety is a priority of ours - all K-5 classes participate in annual Internet Safety Awareness lessons.   
Here is a list of topics by grade level.

- Safety & Privacy "Going Places Safely"
First Grade - Appropriate Online Behavior "Sending Email"
Second Grade - Cyberbullying "Show Respect Online"
Third Grade - Safety & Privacy "Talking Safely Onine"
Fourth Grade - Cyberbullying "The Power of Words"
Fifth Grade - Appropriate Online Behavior "Digital Citizenship Pledge"